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Les répliques VO - Saison 1

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1X01 - Une équipe de choc / Pilot

(1) - Riggs dit à Murtaugh que la police a trouvé un corps dans un parc.
Murtaugh : Is the DOA dead?
Riggs : "Dead on arrival." Does it mean something different here?
Murtaugh : I just want to make sure there's no one else left for you to kill.
Riggs : Just you and me.

(2) - Au port de LA, Riggs remarque un homme avec des tatouages.
Riggs : He a co-worker?
Homme : He's an employee. Why? ‭
Riggs : I dig his ink. Recognize it from Texas. Real big in the Juarez drug dealer set. You know, maybe I should go say hi.
Murtaugh : Go say hi. 

(3) - Riggs se fait attaquer par l’homme aux tatouages. Deux types armés arrivent.
Riggs : It's okay, guys. I'm a cop. Nothing? Look, I don't have a badge or a gun or anything, you know. Had disciplinary issues. Ah! Fine.

(4) - Dans la voiture, Riggs et Murtaugh poursuivent l’homme aux tatouages.
Murtaugh : What did he do?
Riggs : I asked him about Alvarez. He took a swing at me.
Murtaugh : Hardly incriminating. I've wanted to take swings at you.

(5) - L’homme aux tatouages essaye de prendre la fuite après avoir eu un accident avec sa voiture et il se fait percuter par un bus. Murtaugh regarde Riggs étrangement.
Riggs : What? I didn't kill him.

(6) - A table, Jr pose des questions à Riggs sur l’armée.
JR : What am I gonna learn at Princeton that I couldn't learn from the Internet?
Riana : What am I gonna learn at Princeton that I couldn't learn from the Internet?

(7) – Roger entre dans la caravane de Murtaugh et se fait braquer.
Murtaugh : Whoa! Easy, kemosabe. I come in peace.

(8)- Roger tire dans le pied de Murtaugh pour éviter qu’il ne se fasse tuer.
Murtaugh : Are you all right?
Riggs : Ow! No! I can't believe you shot me!
Murtaugh : (groans) Hell, I can't believe it took me so long.


1X02 – Dommages collatéraux / Surf N' Turf

(1) – Roger prépare le dîner pour le soir, Riana arrive.
Roger : Will you go put some damn clothes on?
Riana : I'm dressed.
Roger : Uh-uh-uh, you take your narrow butt upstairs and put something on that covers it. We're having company tonight.
Riana : It's just Riggs. He'll be dressed worse than me.
Trish : It's called pants.  Go put some on.

(2) – Avery appelle Riggs et Murtaugh pour qu’ils entrent dans son bureau.
Avery : Crockett and Tubbs. Get in here. Do either of you have any idea what this number is? (1 483 955)
Riggs :Uh, the number of words in the Book of Genesis.
Murtaugh : Number of cats in your apartment.
Riggs : Um, pies.
Avery : It was rhetorical! It's the amount of money you two cost the city working together for three days

(3) – Murtaugh dit à Riggs qu’ils doivent s’accorder.
Murtaugh :Hey, you know what? Forget about dinner. Okay? We don't need a personal relationship. Let's keep it professional. But while we're on the job, we got to work together like surf and turf. 
Riggs : Cool. I'm turf.
Murtaugh : No, you're surf. You live on the beach, butt naked.
Riggs : This is non-negotiable, Roger.
Murtaugh : Pineapple and ham.
Riggs : That's gross. I don't want to be either
Murtaugh :Chips and salsa.
Riggs : Okay, I can roll with that.
Murtaugh :Okay. I'm spicy salsa with the tomatoes blended nicely on the side. You'd be mild and chunky at best.
Riggs : You know, I'm trying to like you.

(4) – Roger trouve la chaussure de la serveuse.
Scorsese : You two are like peaches and cream.
Murtaugh : Starsky and Hutch !
Scorsese : Which one's Starsky?
Riggs et Murtaugh : I am.

(5) – Scorsese apprend à Roger que la serveuse est enceinte.
Scorsese : She's pregnant.
Murtaugh : How do you know?
Scorsese : Blood samples from Cinderella's shoe show elevated levels of HCG, which are either associated with pregnancy or testicular cancer.
Murtaugh : I'll go with pregnancy.
Scorsese : That's why you get paid the big bucks.

(6) – Trish dit à Roger qu’il ne pourra plus manger de travers de porc.
Murtaugh :No more ribs? No more ribs?! (chuckles) Baby, ribs is all I got left in this world! I mean, besides you and-and the kids.


1X03 – En dernier recours / Best Buds

(1) – En arrivant devant la maison de Lance et Donald
Riggs : You ever feeling like you made the wrong career choice?
Murtaugh : Yeah. The day I met you.

(2) – En trouvant les têtes de Lonnie et Donnie
Riggs : Well, we found our pot heads.

(3) – Roger parle des décapitations avec Martin
Murtaugh :Hey, you know, I was thinking, we should talk to Gang Unit about decapitation… Waouh !
Riggs : Decapitation can be very disturbing.
Murtaugh : No, that breakfast of yours is disturbing. This is just not right, man.

(4) – Scorsese apprend à Murtaugh et Riggs que la mort de Lonnie et Donnie est due à un aiguillon bétail de 15 000 volts
Murtaugh : That's 20 times stronger than a defibrillator.
Scorsese : You got a pacemaker?
Murtaugh : Yeah.
Scorsese : You might want to stay away from these things.
Murtaugh : Ya think?

(5) – Murtaugh propose à Riggs de l'accompagner voir Ronnie Delgado
Murtaugh : Hey, look. If you're gonna get reamed out, least I can do is come with you. I mean, you took a cattle prod for me today.
Riggs : Enjoy your wife. I got this. If I can handle Paco, I can handle Ronnie Delgado.
Avery : That's Mr. City Attorney to you. You got it! (regardant Roger) He took a cattle prod for you?
Murtaugh : Yeah. 
Avery : I wouldn't have done that for you. .
Murtaugh : No.

(6) – Roger tire sur les gangsters depuis le fourgon.
Murtaugh :  Hey! I'm trying to shoot here!
Riggs : Oh, I'm sorry, sir, but did you not see that the seat belt light is illuminated?


1X04 – A la dérobée / There Goes the Neighborhood

(1) – RJ se plaint de sa coupe 
RJ : I want the Mohawk with the fade on the side.s.
Murtaugh : Mohawks are only appropriate for Native Americans and Mr. T. 

(2)– Trish demande à Martin de nourrir Harper.
Martin : Oh, um, I've never fed anything. I mean, pigs, I had some pigs and a dog once, - but it died. I - Trish : Martin, spoon in, spoon out.

(3) – Martin veut aller à la rencontre des cambrioleurs.
Martin : Backup's already here. Let's go. 
Roger :You're not gonna get your cowboy on here.
Martin : My cowboy?
Roger : Yeah !
Martin : I am a police officer responding to a call, sir.
Roger :  You're a stick of dynamite with a mustache. 

(4) – Murtaugh demande au Hulk noir de s’habiller pour les suivre au commissariat. Il refuse en leur disant de venir le chercher.
Murtaugh : Well, the good news is he's not packing.
Riggs : Rog, if that's not packing, your standards are extremely high.
Murtaugh : Well, look, we just take him off his center, that's all. You go low, I'll go high. 
Riggs : You go low.
Murtaugh : You go low
Riggs :I'm not going low.

(5) – Riggs et Murtaugh viennent d’assommer l’homme.
Murtaugh : Man, his situation was, like, all up in your
Riggs : Yes! Yes, it was! Now it's personal.

(6) – Roger s’énerve contre Riggs, car il a ramené RJ chez eux après qu’il se soit fait contrôler par un policier.
Murtaugh :Two black teenagers, one of them my son, pulled over by a uni I don't know! Do you have any idea how bad that could've gone? No. Because you have nothing to love in this world, but yourself.
Riggs : Nice. And you wonder why your kids won't talk to you. 

(7) – Avery demande à Riggs et Murtaugh de se réconcilier.
Avery : So, congratulations on taking down the home invasion crew, solving a murder and stopping what could have been two more. You know, as much as I enjoy you both sitting there with your mouths shut, you two need to bury the hatchet and I can't believe I'm saying this get back to being your usual pain-in-the-ass selves. 

(8) – Maureen essaye de faire évoluer la relation entre Riggs et Murtaugh
Maureen : Martin, is there something you could do to help nurture this relationship?
Riggs :Uh This is not easy for one man to say to another but your head is wonderfully round. Bald is beautiful.
Murtaugh : Sometimes at sunset or when it's slightly dark out, your mustache almost looks not ridiculous.


1X05 - Dérapage contrôlé / Spilt Milk

(1) - Avery essaie de savoir où est Riggs
Avery : Where's Riggs? Does he ever show up for meetings on time? Roger, where is he?
Murtaugh : What are you asking me for? I don't know where that man is. I don't know how old he is, I don't know why he tucks one pant leg into the boot, and not the other. He doesn't tell me anything.
Maureen :  Do you think it's any different with me? 

(2) ) Roger rencontre le nouvel assistant de Trish.
Trish : This is my new assistant, Desmond. Desmond, this is my husband.
Roger :  Of 20 years. We have three kids together. I'm a cop! Homicide. See a lot of dead bodies.

(3) Roger panique alors qu’il a marché sur une bombe.
Murtaugh : And, hey, I need you to tell Trish something for me, okay? Tell her my dying words: she cannot remarry. She has to die alone. And tell her that she has to fire Desmond. (Alors que Riggs va prendre son élan) Wait, don't tell her now. Wait till I'm dead! 

(4) Bailey entre dans le bureau d’Avery
Bailey : Look, I just got a call from Riggs, and I don't know if he's kidding, but... 
Avery (levant les yeux au ciel) :  What is it?
Bailey  :He's asking for backup.
Avery (paniquant) :  Sent everyone. SWAT. Hostage negotiators, everyone!


1X06 - Retrouvailles / Ties That Bind

(1) - Avery dit à Martin de faire correctement son travail.
Avery : Agreed, but just talk to him. The Ashworths are formidable. Keep it completely professional, respectful even.
Riggs : Why are you just looking at me?
Avery :Because you are the only one that I am talking to.

(2) - Roger prend l'addition.
Murtaugh : $14 for a club soda? You guys smoking crack? I should have bought the crack, it's cheaper. 

(3) - Martin reçoit un appel de Roger
Riggs : I'm here with our good buddy Julian. He's a real dick, but he smells incredible. 

(4) - Trish quitte le commissariat énervée contre Percy
Roger : Hey Trish, don't go do nothing that I have to arrest you for. Not that I would ever arrest you. You go ahead and commit crime at will, baby. 

(5) - Riggs et Murtaugh demandent à voir Henry Ashworth
Murtaugh  :How you doing, buddy? We're here to see Henry Ashworth.
Garde du corps : Sorry. It's a private function.
Riggs :  This is awkward. 
Murtaugh : I'm embarrassed.
Riggs : Look at us, showing up without an invitation.
Murtaugh : You didn't get invited? I got invited.
Riggs : So, can I be your plus one?


1X07 - L'affaire était dans le sac / Fashion Police

(1) Roger et Riggs apprenent qu'un agent de la DEA est sur une enquête qui se recoupe avec la leur.
Roger : So, there were drugs in the bunnies.
Palmer :  You two have no idea what you've gotten yourselves into, do you? 
Riggs : The answer's usually no.

(2) Palmer découpe des têtes de lapin en peluche pour prouver qu'il n'y a pas de drogue dans les peluches.
Riggs : What are you, a sociopath? En regardant ses collègues. She's cutting the heads off of animals.

(3) Scorsese parle à Cruz du grain de sable
Scorsese :I was texting with my sand guy, hopefully he could tell us where Richie was killed..
Cruz :  I don't know. Maybe the beach? 

(4) Riggs vient de sauver Palmer et il s'en va.
Palmer : What is wrong with him? The guy's spraying machine gun fire, he just drives right into it.
Murtaugh : Sometimes he does that.
Palmer : He saved my life. 
Murtaugh : Sometimes he does that, too. 

(5) Riggs et Murtaugh se sont endormis devant un film chez Roger et le chien, ramené par Riggs, pisse contre les meubles.
Roger : Hmm? That better be you relieving yourself on the rug. 
Martin : Whatever helps you sleep better, Rog. 


1X08 - Tuer n'est pas jouer / Can I Get a Witness ?

(1) - Roger à Trish alors qu’ils parlent de vacances.
Roger : Look, I already experienced my adventure with a little thing called open-heart surgery.

(2) - En parlant du garçon.
Martin : What do you think, Doc? You can make him talk, right?
Maureen : Yeah, yeah, I'll just wave my magic wand, since it works so well with you.

(3) - Ethan essaye d'identifier un suspect
Avery : We are so proud of you and we support you. Puis en regardant Riggs. It's important that children always feel supported.
Martin : You, uh you feel supported there, Ethan?
Ethan : What does that even mean?
Avery : Well, it means that you feel, you know support.

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